CRI Project # 1

CRI Project # 1

For this project, I picked a piece from my past work and combined it with an idea of a non-existent application I had. I played with different composition/design principle acquired in class such as the rule of thirds, golden ratio, and geometric shapes.

The most challenging decision I had to make creating this project was choosing whether to put the text behind the girl, in front of her face, or leave it transparent in between.

In the design principles under the concept of visual hierarchy and dominance, the text should be in front of the message to be “easier to read”. (Vanseo, 2010) However, I found this as an opportunity to purposely break the rule of clarity in design in order to be different and to add a factor that would make the audience lean forward and pay more attention to the poster. I believe that the intentional reduction in clarity will enhance the audience’s curiosity to find out what the words are, which in turn will engage them with the product. Even if they can not figure out what the message is, it will potentially encourage them to take their phones out to search the name of the application to find out what the company is about. In addition, the words being covered are not the most important message in the poster. It is just the slogan that is being partially covered, whereas other important information such as the application name and its website is clearly stated on the side.

Considering that there are bigger streaming services out there, and assuming my target customers to be every smartphone user who may see pop-up advertisement often, a simple poster/advertisement may not be enough to grab their attention. The risk I am taking may be the solution to the publicity that the company needs.

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